Our Products

CCC softgel products contain a variety of specialized formulations to maximize the bioavailability of each active ingredient. We use different ratios of Cannabidiol in the neutral form (CBD) and acid form (CBDA) to maximize cannabinoid absorption and effects. Moreover, we use terpenes-dextrins complexes that are able to improve bioavailability, solubility, stability, and to enhance biological activity and efficacy.
In today’s market, customers want to know which brands they can trust. Our products stand out above two-piece hard capsules for their sleek, easy-to-swallow, and attractive capsules. We customize capsule shapes and colors and provide scientific-based formulations that not only sell but also work.

1:1 CBD/CBDA (25MG) Softgels

30 softgels/bottle

Achieve a more prolonged effect and a broader spectrum of health benefits with this unique combination of cannabinoids. CBDA is scientifically proven to be almost two times more bioavailable and has a higher anti-inflammatory effect than its neutral version. However, you also keep the many benefits of CBD. Customers won’t go back to their old CBD-only products.

CBD Serenity, Calm, Relax, Sleep Aid (25MG) Softgels

30 softgels/bottle

20 mg CBD, 5mg CBDA, Melatonin, plus a blend of other natural sleep aid terpenes and ingredients.

Trouble sleeping is the number one reason people purchase CBD products.  This is a specially calculated combination of cannabinoids and naturally occurring hormone melatonin at the ideal physiological concentration plus resting aid herbs, terpenes, and other sleep-inducing molecules.  Its acid-resistant tapioca coating protects terpenes from acid degradation to ensure their absorption. This formula has been designed to deliver the ideal sleep aid effects, with long-lasting action and effectiveness, with no grogginess.

CBD Energy, Focus, Boost, Clarity (25MG) Softgels

30 softgels/bottle

20 mg CBDA, 5mg CBD, Caffeine and other natural stimulants, vitamins, and terpenes.

Designed to keep you awake, focused, and healthy, this capsule contains a precise ratio of CBD: CBDA, caffeine, plus natural stimulants such as L-Theanine and vitamins. These active ingredients have been carefully selected to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels in response to caffeine-only intake. This pill increases energy, memory, and productivity without anxiety or headaches — also, an acid-resistant capsule.

CBD Pre-Workout (15MG) Softgels

30 softgels/bottle

5 mg CBD 10 mg CBDA, caffeine, sodium bicarbonate, and b-alanine.

Created for athletes, this formula delivers a complete exercise performance enhancement and lactic acid buffer. Its ingredients give energy, delay fatigue, and improve muscular endurance while providing the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids for a better and smarter workout experience. 

CBD Post-Workout (15MG) Softgels

30 softgels/bottle

7.5 mg CBD 7.5 mg CBDA, BCAA, glutamine, creatine, and antioxidants.

This science-backed product provides the anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and antioxidant effects of cannabinoids while helping to suppress muscle injury after exercise. Other ingredients promote fat-free muscle building, myosin protein synthesis, increase muscle fiber size, enhance the intramuscular concentration of ATP, and replenish glutamine.